Liftoff Engineering Services provides premier engineering support for all your Aircraft needs.


Our Mission

We provide you with personal, hands-on engineering support to get your aircraft flying. Whether it's a repair, avionics upgrade, or major structural modification, we're here to lend our experience and knowledge to get the job done. You provide the goal - we do the heavy lifting.  

What We Can Offer You

  • Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical design work per FAA regulations
  • Engineering data and approvals in support of minor alterations, major alterations, and Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs)
  • Substantiation for structural, aerodynamic, and systems loads
  • Expert repairs and modification support and design
  • Professional-quality structural, mechanical, and electrical drawings for fabrication, assemblies, and installation
  • Design
  • Substantiation
  • Certification
  • Implementation

Aviation is proof that given, the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible.
— Eddie Rickenbacker